Course Description:

The purpose of the Capstone Project/Activity is to provide students with an opportunity to integrate knowledge and skills acquired throughout the courses of their Degree Programs. It is designed to validate students’ abilities to apply learning from many courses to a practical project/activity, either within their workplaces or within their communities or personal lives. This Capstone Project/Activity is an outcome assessment in each UBIS Degree Program. It should integrate the students’ course work so that its scope can be used to assess the varied competencies achieved during the students’ programs of study at UBIS. As such, it requires students to show how they use the concepts from a minimum of five courses and the suggestions of the Capstone chair, or chair from their Degree Programs. In addition to the specific subject related competencies, the students’ written communication skills will be demonstrated in this project/activity. 

Course Outcomes:

1. Complete research within particular professional field.

2. Make a Power Point presentation of the project.

3. Be able to make and support personal statements according to the current research.